About The Artist, Delanor

The beauty of stones has fascinated jewelry designer me since I was a child. I began my jewelry making journey by using my fathers tools in our garage to twist and form wire around beautiful stones I collected on my excursions on hiking and biking trails in my neighborhood and beyond. As an older rock collector I traveled the world, immersing myself in the history, culture and peoples of the countries I visited, my love of artistic expression began to take on its own voice. That voice reflects the passion of an artist who has a keen appreciation for the importance and mysterious beauty of  stones and beads that are so much a part of history and of the diverse people who have created sometimes subtle, other times bold, legacies that endure for their singular beauty and powerful aesthetic statements.

Each time I design a piece of jewelry, I am acutely aware of the meditative and learning processes that result from handling beads from all corners of the earth. I consider designing to be a journey, one in which I continually explore and relish the exquisite interplay of shape, color and texture as they meld into a piece that I hope will be treasured as much as I love bringing it to life.